Hespera - The ancient name for the "light of the evening star" - is inspired by the most vibrant and captivating materials found in nature.  We pride ourselves in using the most exquisite and rare materials in nature.  Our innovative designs have been featured on the cover of People Magazine as well as in numerous publications, and have been found on celebrities and the red carpet all over the world.


After graduating from Northwestern University in 2008, Creative Director Eric Ruyak blended his passion for design and art with his love of rare stones to create dramatic, never before seen styles.  Often called "Artwear" by clients, our unusual, stunning materials range from Burmese blue nephrite jade to our signature stone "Ice", which is a variety hyper-translucent Colombian white quartz.  He has been creating one of a kind pieces for a private clientele for 10 years, and founded Hespera to meet the growing demand for his creations.


Hespera Jewelry Company's mission is to help our clients tell their own stories - stories of confidence, passion, and self-expression.  Whether you are wearing your Hespera to a black tie event, or just around town, our pieces will catch every eye and help you make a statement no matter where you are.  We recently launched our Hespera Heroes line, proceeds of which will be going to breast cancer research and treatment in order to honor those women who have fought and are fighting breast cancer. 


Thank you for your interest in our beautiful jewelry - and we cannot wait to see you make your first Hespera statement!


For all wholesale inquiries - please contact:

The Agency Showroom

860 S. Los Angeles St. Suite 214 LA, CA 90014

T: 213.624.3629